Great Global Greyhound Walk breaks records for their 10th anniversary

UK London Victoria Park by KATHY BOYCE Hounds: Stag and Harper

The Great Global Greyhound Walk (GGGW) broke records with their recent annual dog walking event, seeing an overall attendance of 8,795 hounds.

The walk, which celebrates Greyhounds and other sighthounds, is the brainchild of Greyhound Walks, a registered charity based in East Anglia, with the aim of socialising and promoting Greyhounds as pets by organising local walks.


This year, they celebrated their 10th anniversary and smashed previous records – with 275 registered walks taking place across the world.

From the USA and Canada to the Philippines and from the Highlands of Scotland to Jersey and Australasia, Greyhounds, with their owners, supporters and lovers, walked ‘together’ on Sunday 9th June 2019 to raise awareness of the breed – and show everyone what great pets they make.

Hounds: Louis and Freddie

England hosted three walks and Australia hosted two, which had over 200 hounds participate. However, GGGW have reminded walkers that every hound that attends a registered walk is counted and contributes to the final total; therefore the smaller attendances of single figures are just as important to help spread the message.

The GGGW also aims to raise the profile of rescued and retired racing Greyhounds, showing the world what wonderful companions these dogs make. Commenting on the recent Greyhound Board of Great Britain Report, Battersea have revealed their concerns on the increase of detected track injuries in racing Greyhounds – explaining that these numbers place a significant burden on rehoming charities.

UK Billingshurst by SAM MORRIS

A Battersea spokesperson said, “While we’re pleased to see the number of racing Greyhounds put to sleep fall in 2018 on the previous year, GBGB has itself acknowledged that 324 of these deaths were ‘avoidable and unnecessary’ and urgent action is required to dramatically reduce this number.

“We are also concerned that the overall number of injuries detected at tracks increased last year, contributing to an average of 21 Greyhounds retiring from GBGB tracks each day. This number alone places a very significant and unsustainable burden on rehoming charities. Battersea took in 125 ex-racing Greyhounds in 2018 but clearly more homes are needed for these wonderful dogs.”

UK London Victoria Park by KATHY BOYCE
Hounds: Stag and Harper

After a successful year of raising awareness, the GGGW have thanked their team, dedicated walk organisers, sponsors, and every single hound that participated. The global event has high hopes for their next walk on Sunday 14th June 2020.


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