Great Debate: Should owners who don’t microchip their dogs get them back if lost and found?


Should owners who don’t microchip their dogs get them back if they’re lost and subsequently found?

Microchipping your dog, as well as having them wear a tag, is now mandatory as well as a fundamental part of good ownership. As collar and tag can be lost or removed, microchipping is extremely important: despite a flawed legislation (scanning a lost dog for a microchip is considered “good practice” but is not mandatory) it can be your dog’s best chance to be reunited with you if lost or stolen – the difference between being reunited or being put to sleep. 

People who fail to microchip their dogs currently face a fine up to £500. However, some argue that failing to microchip one’s dog is a sign of irresponsible dog ownership and that the dog, if lost and then found without a microchip, should not be returned to them and rehomed with someone else. Others say that it would only increase the number of dogs in shelters, and that a fine would suffice. 

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Posted by Dogs Today Magazine on Thursday, 13 June 2019



  1. I agree that not letting the owner have the dog back would increase those in rescue or pts. Its surprising how many people still are not aware of the legal requirement to microchip. Only last week i was asked for advice regarding a pup bought from a “breeder” on what &how much to feed a 9wk old collie pup they had paid £300 for by someone lookong after the pup for the owner who was at work all day. When i started asking questions they had no idea aboutmicrochip or welfare needs just how cute it was. Long term plan tocage it while out at work all day. Needless to say I gave them advice which iknow will not be followed & offered to rehome if required. Back to the subject a,substantial fine which could be used to help rescues. There is no excuse not to microchip there are,so many organisations who do itfor free or reduced price.

  2. It’s not the dogs fault it’s not microchipped it should be returned to i’ts family dogs have feelings too.maybe the found dog should be chipped and the owners made to pay. I have cats there chipped.


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