Cruelty: man guilty of kicking puppy to death [WARNING: upsetting images]


A man from Fulham has been jailed and banned from keeping animals for life after he was found guilty of kicking his four-month-old puppy to death.

On Wednesday 22 May, Jibriel Guled was sentenced at Westminster Magistrates’ Court following a trial on 1 May. He was found guilty of four offences for causing unnecessary suffering to a Staffie pup called Bibi through the infliction of physical abuse.

Bibi found dead in Barclay Close, Cassidy Road, Fulham

Four-month-old Bibi was sadly already dead when the RSPCA and police attended the property on 23 June 2018, following a call to 999. RSPCA Inspector Mike Beaman collected her body, which had been placed in a wicker basket and wrapped in blankets.

Inspector Beaman said, “This was an extremely sad case involving a young dog whose life was cut short far too soon. Myself and the police attended the property in June last year after the police received an emotional 999 call from someone claiming Guled had kicked his dog.

Bibi would have experienced extreme pain and suffering from the physical abuse

“Poor Bibi would have experienced extreme pain and suffering from this physical abuse which we now believe was inflicted on her over a period of months.”

Guled said in court that the bed inside the property had collapsed on top of Bibi, and this had caused her injuries and killed her. A postmortem examination of the dog’s body revealed that there were also three historical injuries of blunt force trauma to the dog’s body which occurred between May and June, before the final incident which led to her death.

Guled was sentenced to an immediate 26-week custodial sentence in total for the four charges. He was also banned from keeping all animals for life and ordered to pay £1,000 in costs.

Images by RSPCA.


  1. As always with animal cases, Bibi received NO JUSTICE. The sentence was totally INADEQUATE. May guled NEVER REST IN HELL.

  2. If this treatment had been going on for ‘months’ why did it take so long before help was summoned. Did no neighbours hear the dog yelping in pain. Did no one see how frightened the dog was of the coward who inflicted such cruelty. How can any judge sentence a case so terrible to a custodial of a matter of weeks. So wrong prisons may be overstretched put the beds in the gyms. Let them be deprived of normal living, prison is not a jolly. Being fined & sent to prison is nothing to what pain he inflicted on that poor puppy.

  3. I’m glad the no animals ban is for life. It’s unfathomable when someone shows complete sadism towards a helpless pet & then the court only bans them from doing it again for 5 years. It should always be for life.


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