Six of the Best: products for looking after your best friend


Chellys Dogmetics
Chellys Dogmetics is a 2-in-1 formula made from 100% natural ingredients, all carefully selected to create the pawfect nourishing recipe for your pooch’s nose and paw pads. When a dog’s nose is dry, it can be quite sore, just like for us humans when we have chapped lips. Simply apply to your pooch’s nose or paw pads once or twice a day, depending on the severity of area – a pea-sized amount works wonders. Rest assured your pooch will thank you for their shiny nose and soft paws.
07999 339809

Scruffs ArmourDillo
Scruffs ArmourDillo is part of our memory series of orthopaedic pet beds. These chew-resistant dog beds feature a dense foam core with an orthopaedic memory foam topper, which moulds to the shape of the dog’s body, achieving a greater level of support. The near-impregnable outer material maximises the beds resilience against scratching and chewing. The material is backed with 100% waterproof laminate, making it ideal for use outdoors. A hidden Velcro-fastened opening on the underside of the bed ensures the foam core can be removed quickly and easily before washing.
0161 702 5060

Want a headcollar that is comfortable to wear and does not ride up or go near the eyes? The award-winning Dogmatic Headcollar stops dogs pulling on the lead and is the six-times winner of ‘product you can’t live without’ as voted by dog owners in a recent poll. Recommended and endorsed by behaviourists, trainers, vets, rescues and breeders worldwide.
Dogmatic offers the widest range of dog headcollars in leather and padded, cushioned webbing, all with matching collars and specialised leads/training leads to t all sizes. Visit the website for customer testimonials.
01952 245330

Fish – a perfect protein for dogs!
At Fish4Dogs, we only use fish in our food and treats, as we believe fish is the best protein for dogs. Irresistibly tasty and high in omega 3 oils, fish is great for healthy joints, skin and coat condition. All our recipes are grain-free, using premium, natural ingredients, so are ideal for sensitive tummies.
Finest Complete Dog Food from Fish4Dogs is perfectly balanced nutrition, that’s free of artificial additives and uncluttered by unnecessary extras. Available in three tasty flavours and a variety of kibble sizes and special variants.
01299 252352

Ultra Bee Health
There are two main reasons why dogs itch – skin condition and allergies. Firstly, is the skin infected? Is it too oily? Too dry? Of these three, dry skin is a frequent occurrence. Secondly, allergies may make your dog’s skin dry, greasy, or a combination of both, and are accompanied by frequent scratching, licking or chewing.
Ultra Bee Health’s range of natural and organic pet balms, propolis purifying hygiene and grooming products are made with beehive and plant products that are non-toxic, ensuring your pet is kept comfortable in their own skin.
02031 891465

Aqueos – For itchy Dogs
Aqueos manufacture alcohol- and bleach-free disinfectants, grooming and first-aid products. Its popular Anti-Itch Dog Shampoo is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and is gentle enough to be used as an everyday shampoo. The shampoo soothes skin irritations and disinfects any minor wounds. Gentle on the skin, the shampoo leaves the dog’s coat soft and is kind enough to use on new litters of puppies.
Killing the cause of smells, rather than masking them, the shampoo is deodorising and works well against dreaded badger and fox odour. Available in a variety of sizes from 200ml to five litres.


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