Narla in Need: help this rescue dog get life-saving surgery


Desperate owner Nicki Dyson has been reaching out to fellow dog lovers to help her three-year-old rescue Chow Chow get vital elbow resurfacing treatment. The East Yorkshire teacher is attempting to raise £20,000 for the surgery and is even remortgaging her home to help pay for it.

Narla was rescued by Nicki in December 2016. She suffers from elbow dysplasia, which causes the bones to rub away the protective cartilage, resulting in bone rubbing against bone whenever she walks. The nightmare started in summer 2017, when Narla’s cruciate ligament snapped in her knee. But the sweet Chow was strong and managed to recover in time for her 2nd birthday.

Poor Narla only had a few short weeks of being able to walk and chase squirrels, when she suddenly stopped walking. Three of her legs were totally immobile. After several weeks of different investigations, she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia in both elbows. She had her second surgery in January 2018 to remove fragments of shattered bone from her deformed elbow joints.

Hoping that this surgery would fix her legs for good, Nicki’s dreams of Narla playing like a normal two-year-old were crushed when she stopped walking again in May 2018. Nine months of pain management were needed to help Narla walk again, but another relapse left the poor Chow crying every time she tried to walk. In April 2019, Nicki managed to get her dog to a well-known vet – who finally gave a possible solution to her pain.

However, the insurance limit is almost gone after months of medication, consultations, surgery and investigations. The insurance treated both elbows as one condition due to them being diagnosed at the same time, leaving Nicki with the option of making do with pain management or raising the £20k needed for the elbow resurfacing treatment, that can only be done by one vet in the country.

Nicki and Narla have made a recent appearance on ITV’s This Morning with Dr Scott Miller, set up a JustGiving page for supporters to give money, and have taken to social media in order to make the life-changing surgery happen.

Watch the interview below:

Support Nala on Instagram @Narla_the_ Chow and help raise money on her JustGiving page here.


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