Rescue dog Maple finds a loving forever home


Back in March we shared the rescue story of Maple who, in November last year, left staff at Freshfields Animal Rescue in utter shock at the horrific state she was in when she turned up at their door. After receiving dedicated care and the love and attention she deserves, Maple has finally found a forever home to thrive in.

Her days will now be filled with love, happiness and adventures

When Maple first arrived at Freshfields it was clear she had horrendous abuse in her short life: there were signs of malnourishment, and amongst other injuries, vets believed boiling water had been poured over her. Maple’s condition was heartbreaking; she was almost totally mute and exhausted by the trauma she had endured – the opposite of how a young pup should be spending life. The staff knew they had a big challenge ahead to help her to heal, physically and mentally.

Maple went into foster care with the rescue’s Kennel Manager. As weeks went by she blossomed into the loving, sweet girl they knew she’d become. The on-site vet was in daily contact with Maple, cleaning and redressing her wounds, and it was only a matter of time until she would be ready for adoption. Maple needed a home where she could adapt at her own pace, with an owner who would be sensitive, gentle and patient.

Finally, Maple has found her happy ending in the forever home of Dawn Parkes, a long-term friend and adopter of two former Freshfields dogs. Dawn has the respect and admiration of everyone at Freshfields. She has remarkably changed the lives of animals who have known nothing but cruelty and abuse, and those who have special medical or behavioural needs. It was love at first sight for Dawn and Maple, and Maple has now packed her favourite toys and gone to live with Dawn at her lovely house in High Wycombe.

Maple and new mum Dawn Parkes

Maple’s new mum Dawn said, “I want to pay tribute to Colette and Steve who fostered Maple for 5 months and to the team at Freshfields for nursing Maple’s broken body and spirit back to health. Most of all I want to pay tribute to Maple herself; she is without doubt an incredible and brave dog whose zest for life is remarkable. We are starting the next chapter of her life together. She still has lots of physical and mental issues to overcome but her life will be filled love and fun.

Life began for Maple when she came to Freshfields Animal Rescue. It’s a privilege to be part of that journey with this amazing little lady. Her days will now be filled with love, happiness and adventures.”

Maple and Dawn in woods

Debbie Hughes, Freshfields PR Co-ordinator, said, “We are so thankful to our friends and supporters in the community, and everyone who has donated towards Maple’s care. This has truly made Maple realise how it feels to be loved and safe for the very first time, and she would not have come this far without you.”

Images by Freshfields Animal Rescue.


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