Caring for those in need


Since 1991, Carla Lane Animals In Need have helped thousands of unwanted and abandoned dogs, cats, rabbits and farm animals across the Northwest. We offer a lifeline to those animals that find themselves without a home or that are not in a safe place. Our motto is Rescue – Rehabilitate – Rehome.

We respond to calls for help from the public, the police, social services and other organisations to assist with poorly treated, stray and unwanted animals. Each case is dealt with quickly, so we can start caring for the animals at our Sanctuary or, when possible, we give support to the owner and pet until we can help. For those families that are struggling, we arrange low cost or free neutering to prevent unwanted litters; we provide food, bedding and anything pet-related plus ongoing help, support and advice 365 days of the year.

Sadly, strays that end up at the dog pound and who are left unclaimed by their owners only have seven days to either find a new home or rescue space. It is heart-breaking to hear about these poor souls who have done nothing wrong. Therefore, we have always stepped in and offered them a space at our Sanctuary. From Staffies to Shih Tuzs, Jack Russells to Lurchers, old and young, healthy and poorly, we have taken them all and given them hope of a new future. Our no-destruction policy means that we keep each animal at our Sanctuary until they find a home, no matter how long it takes. We also take back in any pet that cannot be kept, for whatever reason.

We currently have three nursing mums with 14 puppies between them. The staff work around the clock to make sure they are cared for. Holly and Ivy, two of the mums, came to us as unclaimed strays from another rescue centre. We quickly arranged for a quiet section of our Special Care Unit to be set up, and in no time Ivy had given birth to seven pups. Holly was possibly due later in the New Year, but surprised us all. They are all doing well, but it has put a great strain on our funds and put the staff on round the clock duties caring for them.

We couldn’t do any of this work without the help of the public and our loyal supporters, who respond to our appeals, buy our raffle tickets, buy from our charity shop and stalls, and send in donations through the post or online.

Our Spurriers Lane site houses our 20-year-old kennel blocks, which are now past their best. They are no longer the modern, comfortable units we want our dogs to stay in. Therefore, we have launched our Brighter Lives Kennel Appeal to raise the funds needed to update and modernise this whole unit. Work will start in early February, but we are still far short of the total amount needed.

By visiting the fundraising page you can view our appeal and see the special video about the work needed. All in all, the next five months will be critical, and we desperately need funds to keep us going. We have many more fundraising events planned and need people to help by donating prizes and quality items, baking cakes, and helping on stalls and street collections. We would also appreciate it if supporters could possibly hold their own fundraiser, such as the birthday appeals on Facebook etc.

We have taken a big step by doing the kennel refurbishment, but we owe it to the dogs to give them the best possible life whilst with us. Sadly, some spend years waiting for the right home. It’s not enough to rescue: we must provide the highest standard of animal welfare for animals that have suffered in the past.

Our website and our Facebook page are packed with information on appeals, news and, most importantly, the animals we are helping. If you can’t give a home, please consider giving a donation.

This is a guest post by Caroline Cassidy. Want to write for us? Visit or email


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