Rosie – a Dog Who Hears With Her Heart


Beautiful Rosie has had an ugly start in life, tossed at the local animal kill shelter along with litter mates at the age for four months. Friends of Eden Animal Rescue, located in Eden, North Carolina, was monitoring the shelter’s website and stepped in, pulling Rosie and three litter mates from certain death.

Rosie was adopted within two days of being rescued. She went to live with a pair of grandparents with custody of two granddaughters. One granddaughter suffered from physical difficulties; the other from mental/emotional problems. Due to the granddaughters’ health issues, Rosie spent many hours in a crate. Following a period of 45 days, the grandparents felt they should return Rosie, so that she could be adopted by a family with time to give Rosie the love and attention she deserved.

Thus Rosie returned to Friends of Eden Animal Rescue. She fell into the normal routine of the organisation; feeding and walking times were regular. The volunteers spent as much time with every dog at the rescue as possible. In a few weeks, Rosie caught the attention of a single mother with two young boys; one of the boys was autistic. Their meeting with Rosie went wonderfully: they loved her immediately, so it was a done deal. Off she went to live in the neighbouring state.

Unfortunately, six months later, Rosie was returned once again to Friends of Eden Animal Rescue. The adopters said she just would not do as she was told. They’d taken her to training, but nothing worked. She’d snapped at the boyfriend, the father and, now, even the kids.
Shortly after Rosie’s second return, volunteers noticed that she wasn’t the same dog that left the Rescue six months earlier. She was anxious. She was growling and snapping at volunteers. She turned her back and refused to eat for days. She clearly was very sad. Volunteers wondered what could have happened to make her change so drastically.

Finally, one day Rosie turned around and saw a volunteer standing at her kennel door with a lead. Suddenly she was so very excited and allowed the walker to lead her up and take her outside. She walked so nicely and enjoyed doing what dogs so – sniffing the ground, going potty and just being outside. The volunteer talked to Rosie during the walk, but noticed that she did not respond to voice. She did not respond to the many sounds – birds, trucks, laughing children. The volunteer shouted Rosie’s name as loud as she could. Still no response.

Could it be? Yes, Rosie was deaf! We believe that, as her adopter was unaware of her hearing impairment, she may have been physically disciplined – leading her to anxiety and fear.

As rescuers we try so very hard to make certain the dogs are going to the best home possible. We continue to look for a possible foster – someone willing to help Rosie be the very best dog that we, at Friends of Eden Animal Rescue, know her to be. We will provide food, toys, bed, crate, collar, lead – and medical care. Foster parents are asked to provide regular exercise and love. If you might be interested in helping the PAWsome girl, please email Friends at

Rosie is also available for adoption. She is learning sign language, which is basically a hand signal for each command. She is heart-worm negative, is housebroken and crate-trained. She is currently living at the Friends Rescue site.

Due to the inability to hear, she must be on lead at all times outside – no off-lead exploring. Once Rosie trusts you, she is a normal, affectionate, happy girl who would love to have a home of her own with patient and understanding people. Please email us at, if you can help.

This is a guest post by Lisa Goldsworthy. Want to write for us? Visit or email


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