Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue needs your help


Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue have been rescuing dogs for 9 years on limited resources. They are now desperate for new kennels so that they can continue their work, and take on more dogs and volunteers.

The non-profit charity started after founder Nicky Heeley lost her dog, Joey, in 2012. Nicky turned to the internet and began joining dog forums, which then resulted in her creating her own Boxer forum. She met like-minded people through the group and it developed into a rescue forum, advertising rescue boxers in need of homes.

Nina and Hattie, came to the Joey’s Legacy from another rescue as they were going to be put to sleep due to both being extremely ill. Both dogs made full recoveries and found amazing new homes.

Later, it then became apparent to her that there was limited help for these dogs in Liverpool. Liverpool RSPCA called about a boxer who was days away from death, and thus they officially took in their first boxer, becoming a rescue with a small amount of savings that went towards a website, vet bills and kennelling.

Fast forward to today, the rescue is caring for more dogs than ever, and not just boxers! There are seven volunteers in the main committee, plus some helpers who are on hand when needed for home checks and transport. They are currently relying on boarding kennels, which need to be rented, and when the dogs are in kennels they can only be seen between 9-5pm – which makes it difficult to introduce new perspective owners and work with difficult dogs who need more specialist daily care.

Bruce was hit by a car and paralysed, he has now found an amazing home and gets around well in his wheelchair, thanks to Joey’s Legacy.

The rescue works closely with reputable behaviourists and, where needed, they also have a dog ‘rehab’ in Dorset that takes the more difficult dogs and return them once they have had the behavioural training they need. They are always inundated with people asking to volunteer, from cleaning kennels to feeding and walking the dogs, but unfortunately they have to decline until they get their own premises.

Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue will hit its 10th anniversary in September 2019, and they are hoping to achieve their goal of raising £250,000. This will be all go into helping the dogs and investing in new kennels, which will give the charity the opportunity to be more hands-on with their rescues, giving them their full attention regardless of day or time. They won’t have to spend as much on private boarding, meaning there will be more successful adoptions and fewer dogs returned to the rescue. 

Blue and his 5 siblings came to the rescue for hand rearing as their mum rejected them all, all survived and are now 16 months old. Nicky ended up keeping Blue and the other 5 were all rehomed.

Sadly, the rescue receives a lot of neglected dogs, where vet care is the number one priority. In many cases the dogs need to be referred to specialist vets, which can be extremely expensive.

You can visit their website for more information, or see their Just Giving page and make a donation here.

Images by Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue


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