Too ugly to love?


It’s not often we feature stories from across the pond but this one has touched our hearts.

Five dogs, rejected for being “too ugly”, have become unlikely stars of a billboard campaign across NYC. A US-based non-profit animal rescue, with the help of model Wes Myron, has launched the campaign to try and find the dogs their forever home.

The charity Louie’s Legacy created the campaign after the dogs were rejected by potential owners for appearance reasons including “she has droopy eyes”, “his smile is too wide”, and “his fur is too patchy” (for a Chihuahua whose previous owner had burned a hole in his back).

The charity saw nothing but beauty, so put them on a fashion billboard with Canadian model, Wes.

The charity’s Founder Emily Gear met the model and fitness influencer in a chance meeting earlier this year, when dog-loving Myron agreed to do whatever he could to help. After hearing yet another potential rehomer rejecting a dog for not being attractive enough, she reached out to him to help show their beauty.

Emily said, “We have been rehoming pets for nine years now, saving over 15,000 animals, and it angered me when I heard these five dogs were being told they were too unattractive to love, over and over again. It was then I remembered how Wes had offered to help, so we created this campaign showing just how beautiful inside and out these dogs are. They look a million dollars on the billboards.”


Jerry, a nine-year old Chihuahua, came into the shelter in a highly distressed state, after a former owner had burned a patch of fur off his back. The potential rehomer met gentle Jerry and said he looked “too patchy”.


Two-year-old Pit Bull mix Cash has two speeds – ‘play’ and ‘play harder’, and really aims to please his person. However, when the potential rehomer met Cash he said “his smile is too wide – it looks weird”.


Helena the Labrador cross is a puppy trapped in a 10-year-old body. She has severe arthritis that limits her mobility, but still tries her best to play fetch. But when the potential rehomer met her, she was rejected because “her eyes are too droopy”.


Jeda is so kind and gentle Dogo Argentino cross, and loves sweet potato treats and belly rubs. However, when the potential rehomer met this six-year-old, she said “she looks too mean”.


Bessie is a seven-year-old Beagle whose hobbies include snuggling, napping, sniffing out unattended food, and daydreaming about who her future family is. She thought that may have been when the potential rehoming family came to meet her, until they said “she’s too fat”.

The charity hopes the high profile campaign will find homes for all five dogs, as well as raise awareness that all pets are deserving of a loving forever home, regardless of appearance.

 Photo Credit: Mike Ruiz.

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