Nurse banned from keeping animals after horrific neglect to spaniel


Amanda Louise Holmes, of Appleby Gardens, Broughton, has been disqualified from keeping animals for five years after letting her Cocker Spaniel Maverick get in such a “horrendous” state he had to be put to sleep. She also received a £630 fine.

RSPCA Inspector Samantha Weston, who investigated the case, said, “When we removed poor Maverick from Ms Holmes’ care he was in an horrendous state.

“His fur was so matted he could hardly walk and he certainly couldn’t move around comfortably. His ears were like two huge, clumps and were rock-hard with matted, dirty fur. He was in a terrible state with sore eyes and rotten teeth. He was also lame and very underweight.

“He was an elderly dog and vets felt like he was in such a poor condition and was so unwell that the only option was to put him to sleep. It was devastating that he’d been through so much pain and discomfort and we couldn’t save him.”

Ms Holmes pled guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Maverick by “failing to investigate and address the dog’s poor bodily condition, lameness, severely matted fur and severe periodontal disease, contrary to Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006″.

Despite the ban on keeping animals, the decision was taken not to remove her second dog from her care due to his age. Instead, the RSPCA issued her with a warning notice, and responsibility for the dog’s care will fall on Ms Holmes’ son.

Images by RSPCA.


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