Milly – ten years in rescue


Milly is a ten-year-old American Bulldog cross who spent almost her entire life in the care of the Carla Lane Animals in Need, in Liverpool.

“Milly originally came into us in 2010,” says Lauren, from Carla Lane Animals in Need. “She was a young bouncy dog who had grown too big for her owners and from then on has never had any luck in finding her forever home, so it very much feels like we have grown up together!

“Every time I see Milly back in our kennels it breaks my heart mostly because I know how beautiful of a dog Milly truly is, the thing is she is just so full of energy and it puts so many people off.”The rescue found Milly a home, but sadly things didn’t work out due to difficult family circumstances. Milly was returned, and the rescue rehomed her again – with even worse results.

“We then homed her a second time which resulted in her being abandoned at a caravan park as they people decided they could not cope and didn’t contact us to take her back, although we always take back dogs we have rehomed,” Lauren says. “Last year Milly found a new home and we thought that was it, she would stay forever – sadly that was not the case. Again, due to difficult family circumstances, she was returned.”Millie is very bouncy and can be very in your face and for somebody without large dog experience this would come across as quite scary but that is not what Milly is about, she does not have a bad bone in her body! Milly has a big heart and an even bigger belly to go with it! She is very toy and food orientated which is handy for when we take her to our training classes, she also walks wonderfully on her head collar.

A home for Milly must be able to tick off these requirements:
– Home most/all of the day
– Large dog experience
– Active home
– No other pets
– No young children in the home, as she would knock a small child over

Lauren adds, “I love Milly with all of my heart and if I could take her home then I would have her in a heartbeat, but sadly this is something that cannot happen. I really hope this may help Milly find her new home soon.”

If you think your home may be the right one for Milly, you can find more information on the rescue’s Facebook page.

To say we as a team are devastated is an understatement at the moment,Our very beautiful Millie is sadly back at the…

Posted by Carla Lane Animals in Need Liverpool on Thursday, 26 April 2018

Images by Carla Lane Animals in Need.


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