Brits barking mad for Dachsunds!


There’s no doubt about it; Britain is a nation of Dachshund lovers! Commonly nicknamed the ‘Wiener’ or ‘Sausage’ Dog, the number of Dachshunds living in the UK has more than doubled in the past decade, while official Kennel Club registrations have surged by 40% since 2015, to nearly 9,000 new registrations last year.

Our growing love for the little dog has been attributed primarily to the rising trend towards smaller homes and busy lifestyles, with celebrity ownership also identified as a factor. In fact, singer Adele, actor Clint Eastwood and the late David Bowie are just some of the world’s famous dachshund owners.

With the tiny breed capturing the country’s hearts, the nutrition experts at IAMS have shared some fascinating insight into what the perfect day looks like when you’re only 13cm tall and weigh just 4kg, so Sausage Dog owners can ensure they’re giving their dogs exactly what they need to get their furry tails wagging with delight!• Serve breakfast at precisely 7.43am, followed by dinner exactly 10 hours and 55 minutes later, at 6.38pm.
• Enjoy the occasional nap together! Research suggests that sleeping with your dog can reduce stress and help you to bond – good news given more than half (54 per cent) of UK pet owners admit their furry friend seeks slumber in their bed or on the family sofa.
• Shower your pooch lots of love and spend at least 49 minutes playing with them every day.
• Feed your doxie a premium pet nutrition, such as IAMS Proactive Health, which is made with plenty of high quality animal protein, with chicken and turkey as the number one ingredient, to ensure strong muscles and a healthy skin and coat.
• As a petite pooch, it’s important that your dachshund’s diet is tailored to their breed size and life stage. That’s why IAMS Proactive Health Small and Medium Breed is available in Puppy and Adult variants, while IAMS Proactive Health Mature and Senior is designed to maintain muscle mass and assist weight management as your dog grows older, ensuring they enjoy a happy, healthy and active life.
• Stick to one treat a day and avoid feeding your Sausage any human snacks, as extra weight gain can put strain on their back.
• Exercise your dog daily. Two short walks each day, about ½ mile long, should be sufficient for their tiny paws.

To discover what the world looks like from the little pooch’s perspective, IAMS commissioned one of the UK’s most famous Instagram Dachshunds, George the Sausage, to share a glance into a day in the life of the typical Miniature Dachshund! To find out more here.

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