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The life of a hunting dog can be hard, and for some it is short as well. With the end of the hunting season in rural areas of southern Spain, thousands such dogs are killed or abandoned: getting rid of them is cheaper than keeping them fed until the next hunting season.

It is estimated that up to 100,000 hunting dogs are abandoned or killed each year when they are no longer needed, perform badly or are too old. It is mostly Galgos, or Spanish Greyhounds, but there is another smaller, less impressive breed that shares their fate: the Podenco.

Viewed as cheap tools, these dogs often come to rescue injured, sick and traumatised – and they are the lucky ones. Hope for Podencos was set up to rescue and rehabilitate these dogs before rehoming them across Europe, including the UK, and even as far as the States – always offering full back up if the adoption goes wrong.

After the loss of one of their co- founders, Suzannah Stacey, the charity needs to raise €120,000 – about 105,300 – before the end of March to be able to stay in their new centre, which is currently housing and caring for 40 Podencos.

“We have been campaigning since the beginning of February and we have managed to raise over €93,837 already,” says Heather Graham, of Hope for Podencos. “We still have €26,163 [£22,965] left to raise, so we are hosting a fundraising event in Edinburgh.”

The event will feature a raffle, and Dogs Today was happy to donate a gift subscription – but more help is needed to raise the necessary funds on time. You can find information about the fundraising event here.

If you cannot take part to the event, but still wish to help, you can donate here or send directly to the charity’s International Bank Account Hope for Podencos, Global Caja – IBAN ES28 3190 0031 8349 2957 5613.

Main image by Hope for Podencos.


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