Aptly-named Tiny, a three-month-old Chihuahua puppy, has found his happy ending after being abandoned in a London park on the evening of 9 February.

A member of the public found him shivering and dehydrated under a hedge in Roundwood Park, Willesden, wrapped in a towel. He immediately took him to London-based animal welfare charity Mayhew.

Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officer, AJ Ford,says, “Poor Tiny was wrapped up in a towel and looked terrified. He was seen by our experienced Vet Team straight away at our on-site community vet clinic so he could receive the treatment that he needed.

“We wish whoever had abandoned Tiny had called us first. At Mayhew we are dedicated to helping people in crisis situations. We do not judge and we are here to assist and advise on the best course of action for the animal, no matter what the problem is.”

Mayhew’s Vet, Dr Emily Richardson, adds, “When Tiny first arrived he was dehydrated and very nervous. We monitored him throughout the night, but thankfully he had no health problems that were of concern. We gave him worm and flea treatment and he was later vaccinated and neutered.”

Tiny was soon back on his paws, and he didn’t have to look far for his forever home: Mayhew’s Vet Clinic receptionist, Melissa, decided to adopt him.

“Tiny is such a gorgeous boy and I fell in love with him instantly,” Melissa says. “What he may lack in size, he certainly makes up for in character and has had us all laughing with his antics from the moment we brought him home.

“He adores cuddles and loves nothing more than curling up with you for a snooze. He’s settled in to our home so well and we absolutely adore him to bits.”

Images by Mayhew.


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