Dogs Give the Paws Up to Christmas


Watching movies, planning social get-togethers and buying presents for loved ones; Christmas is all about spending quality time with the family and that includes the nation’s 8.5 million dogs! And with over a third of dogs regularly suffer from Fear Of Missing Out, or F.O.M.O for short, it’s not surprising that our dogs want to be involved as soon as the festive fun begins. In fact, 32% of dogs will open doors that have been purposely left closed just to make sure they aren’t missing out!

So, what does Christmas day look like for our dogs?

With Christmas dinner being the main highlight for many of us, as we sit down to turkey with all the trimmings, our dogs will have a front seat as they wait for any titbits, especially as 87% of owners admit to indulging their pets in daily treats. What’s more, one in ten of us will also engage our dogs in light conversation, with many believing that they recognise certain words.

After dinner is all wrapped up and we slope off to the sofa for an afternoon snooze it’ll be a fight for our favourite seat as our dogs take prime position in order to influence what we watch on TV, with many dogs barking along to certain programmes. With that in mind, Brits might want to think about putting the Queen’s Speech or the Doctor Who Special on record!

And it doesn’t stop there. When it comes to the inevitable Christmas clean up, over a quarter of dogs will help (or in some cases hinder) with our household chores.

Commenting on the research, Eukanuba’s Veterinary Expert, Kellie Ceccarelli says, “As a nation of dog lovers it’s not surprising that we include our pets in the family festivities. However, it’s important to remember that when it comes to sharing human food this can have a negative impact on our dog’s health, rather than being a special treat. By all means treat your dogs with a little bit of turkey this Christmas but keep a few things in mind.

“For example, chocolate, nutmeg, grapes and raisins, avocado, and macadamia nuts are risky foods to feed to your dog. Some can cause tummy upsets while other can have much more sinister side effects and an emergency trip to the vets is best avoided any day of the week but especially on Christmas Day.”

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Instead, satisfy your dog’s cravings this Christmas with a little bit or Turkey and gravy mixed up with a 100% complete and balanced diet such as Eukanuba. It includes tasty chicken and turkey as its number one ingredient for visible benefits with a lifelong impact. In fact, Eukanuba are so sure your dog will love every bite that if you aren’t satisfied, they’ll even give you your money back!

Eukanuba Healthy Biscuits also make a great nutritious treat for when your dog is feeling left out, and are made with high quality animal protein and formulated with beet pulp to help build strong, lean muscles and promote healthy digestion.

This is a guest essay by Kellie Ceccarelli. Want to write for us? Visit or email


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