Special canine guest at university graduation

Boris wears his own mortarboard as guest of graduation ceremony

Boris the dog was invited as a special guest to a university graduation ceremony to help soothe a guest’s fears of being in crowds.

Wearing his own mortarboard, Springer Spaniel-Poodle cross Boris watched Daisy Evans, 23, as she picked up her degree at the University of Reading on Friday. He was there to accompany Daisy’s 19-year-old sister, Hollie, who suffers with anxiety.

Hollie, Daisy and Boris
Via Facebook/University of Reading

Boris has been a huge help to Hollie since he joined the family; at one stage, her anxiety was so bad she wasn’t able to speak, and didn’t say a word for two years.

By attending the graduation, Boris allowed the family to have their first outing together in almost five years.

Boris and his family on graduation day
Via Facebook/University of Reading

In a statement released the University of Reading, Hollie said, “It’s lovely to have Boris here. I get very nervous but he helps as he’s a bit of a distraction. He’s part of the family so he should be here. Boris comes with me everywhere – he rescued me.”

A University of Reading spokesperson added, “Graduation staff always try to assist students and their guests where possible to ensure everyone attending has the best experience possible. We’re delighted to hear the family enjoyed their day and that bringing Boris made such a difference.”

Featured image via Facebook/University of Reading


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