Dogs Trust hopes to capture hearts with balloon dogs

Staffie Graf and Andre Wagassi, two of the Dogs Trust balloon dog litter

Leading dog charity Dogs Trust has an adorable new advert encouraging people to consider a rescue dog, with balloon dog representatives sent out across the skies in search of new owners.

Dogs Trust posted on Facebook, “Little Balloon Doggy tells the story of one dog, Paddy, and his #SpecialSomeone. Using balloon dogs as a metaphor for dogs waiting in Dogs Trust centres, the ad shows what would happen if they could send a message to their destined owners”

See the advert in full here:

To raise awareness of the new campaign, Dogs Trust have created balloon dog versions of five crossbreed puppies in its care. The gorgeous litter all have names celebrating Wimbledon, as the tennis tournament is in full swing, and its past champions: Staffie Graf, Pup Sampras, Boris Barker, Andre Wagassi and Roger Furderer!

Via Dogs Trust

The puppies are currently waiting patiently for new families at Dogs Trust’s Canterbury centre.

Featured image via Dogs Trust


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