‘Fly-tipped’ Saluki bounces back!

Saluki Penny sticks her tongue out

Last week we reported on the RSPCA’s appeal for information after the discovery of a Saluki abandoned with an assortment of fly-tipped rubbish in Essex. The dehydrated and shaken young dog was lucky to even be found; the rural lane she had been left on was very isolated. She was only spotted because some passers-by’s van had broken down nearby.

Saluki curled up in rubbish
Penny when she was found. Via RSPCA

Today we are so pleased to report the young female, who was given the name Penny, has bounced back. Less than two weeks in the RSPCA’s care has totally transformed her, and she’s put on a much-needed 2kg in weight.

“You wouldn’t believe she’s the same dog who came into us,” said Deborah Satchell, manager at RSPCA Danaher Animal Home in Braintree.

“She’s doing really well and is starting to behave as a young saluki should. She’s really inquisitive and interested in everything, and it’s lovely to see her with enough strength and energy to be bouncing about the place.

“When she was first rescued by our inspector she was so weak she could barely stand. Now she’s jumping around, wagging her tail and always has a smile on her face.

“She loves to jump up at staff and lick them on the cheek – it’s almost like she’s giving us kisses to say thank you!”

Saluki Penny stands proudly
Penny now. Via RSPCA

The RSPCA is still trying to find out who abandoned Penny, but everyone is pleased to see her doing so well and her future is much brighter.

“She isn’t yet available for rehoming but, once strong enough and after the all-clear from the vet, she’ll be able to find a loving new family to give her all the TLC she deserves,” Deborah added.

“We expect Penny to make a full recovery and we’re sure she’ll have a very happy ending – it’ll be a real rags to riches tale!”

Featured image via RSPCA


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