Pippin the puppy was born with a deformity which means he is missing his front legs – but it doesn’t stop him from living a rich and happy life. This little dog is a resident of LoveyLoaves Sanctuary in Florida, USA, a non-profit organisation dedicated to giving ‘special needs’ dogs to best possible care.

pippin is like a bunny pup
Via Facebook/LoveyLoaves

After a video of Pippin’s incredible zest for life and interesting way of getting about went viral on Facebook, his owners spoke out about the challenges Pippin is facing, but also the full life he leads and bright future he has.

They posted online, “He is in no pain, nor is he ‘miserable’ or a ‘poor baby’ just because he has no front legs. He has a birth defect where he was born with no front legs. Aside from that he is a completely normal, happy, healthy puppy. He plays and bites with his razor sharp raptor teeth and whines to be held and eat. We can learn so much from dogs. They adapt and they move on, and they do so with a tongue-lolling smile!”

Via Facebook/LoveyLoaves

The sanctuary hopes to get Pippin a set of wheels, but as he is a rapidly-growing puppy, this must wait until he is an adult so they fit correctly. Until then, Pippin is quite happy to keep hopping, as shown by this fantastic slow-motion video below!

Find out more about LoveyLoaves Sanctuary on their website: www.loveyloaves.org

Featured image via Facebook/LoveyLoaves


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