Rescue with unique Mickey Mouse marking hopes for happy ending


Disney fans looking for a dog look no further! American Bulldog Rex has a very special symbol on his patchy back – the famous three-circle silhouette of Mickey Mouse.

It looks like mickey
Via Dogs Trust

“We were stunned when we spotted the marking! He is a beautiful boy and cheeky and curious just like Mickey Mouse, but that’s definitely where the similarity ends,” says Dawn Bishop, manager of Dogs Trust Manchester. “He is a big dog, a real gentle giant, and although he loves to play with people and canine companions, he doesn’t always like to be the centre of attention, unlike Mickey.”

She continues, “His unique markings have attracted a lot of attention but sadly he hasn’t stolen the heart of his very own Minnie yet! He has lots of love to give and just like Mickey Mouse he will be a loving and loyal companion, so we’re hoping that it won’t be long before someone spots his star potential and he heads off to enjoy great adventures with his new family.”

Via Dogs Trust

The four-year-old dog is a resident of Dogs Trust’s Denton rehoming centre, but would love a home to call his own. If you are interested, and Rex is still available, you can find his profile here.

Featured image via Dogs Trust



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