Blind Bea, saved from being put to sleep because she ‘would not sell’


Little Bea, a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, has been saved by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, after her breeder took her to the vets to be killed as the puppy ‘would not sell’ due to her disability. Thankfully, the vet refused, and Battersea hopes that with the charity’s help, she will have a bright future ahead of her.

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Bea’s story reflects the reality of puppies and profit in Britain today, with so many litters being bred purely for fast money, with little regard for welfare or the lives of individual dogs. Given up at just five-weeks-old, Bea is being hand reared and fostered by a Battersea nurse, and receives round-the-clock care.

Via Battersea.

Shaun Opperman, Battersea’s head vet, said, “Bea copes really well with her disability – she quickly maps out the room she’s in and is soon hopping around happily. Like any puppy, she loves to play and you often see her running around the room carrying a tennis ball that’s even bigger than she is. We don’t expect her to be here very long once she’s ready to go to a new home.”

Via Battersea.

Bea is spending lots of time with her new best friend: Barney, a golden Labrador, who is a former Battersea resident rescued from a puppy farm himself. Despite their huge size difference, the pair play happily together for hours.

Via Battersea.

Shaun adds, “Bea’s story goes to show how unscrupulous the world of dog breeding and puppy sales can be. Dogs are not commodities – just because they may not sell for much money doesn’t mean they should just be written off. Bea can live a perfectly normal life and will make someone a loving pet but we know there are many more puppies out there who won’t be as lucky as her, and will sadly be dumped or destroyed purely because their breeder puts profit before animal welfare. If a breeder does not want to care for a dog like Bea, then we would encourage them to please bring them to a rescue centre rather than putting them to sleep. They deserve a chance.”

See a heartwarming video of Bea and Barney below:

Featured image via Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.


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