Puppy saved in Italian earthquake set to become search dog himself


A Border Collie puppy pulled from rubble following the 29 October earthquake in the Italian town of Norcia will soon be a part of the firefighting team who saved him, having been adopted by the service.

The young pup spent days trapped beneath debris before being freed alive and miraculously unhurt. Although his owners were traced, they agreed the local fire service should keep him, as it was felt he could prove to be valuable asset in the aftermath of future quakes, disasters which have devastated different regions of Italy in recent months. Border Collies are of course known for their high intelligence, drive to work and eagerness to please – making them one of the most popular working dogs around the globe, particularly in the field of search and rescue.

Suitably, the puppy has been named ‘Terremoto’, which is Italian for Earthquake!




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