Hapless Labrador eats 1.5ft metal windmill ornament


A four-month-old Labrador had to be dashed to a veterinary clinic after ingesting a one and a half foot long metal pole from a garden ornament, leaving only the spinning windmill top behind.

An x-ray from Framingham Vets in Suffolk shows the incredible feat of consumption, and remarkably the dog did not suffer any injuries to his organs.

Via Twitter/FramVet

Surgeon Ben Garland was charged with safely removing the pole, and did so via a cut made in the dog’s neck. In total the procedure took 45 minutes, and the patient was able to head home two days later.

“I’ve removed a lot of things from dogs’ stomachs, but nothing quite as spectacular as this,” Dr Garland said.

“He didn’t seem in any pain when he was brought in. Just a bit dribbly, and he looked a little embarrassed.

“Thankfully it didn’t cause any other damage and he now seems to be well on the road to recovery.”

 Featured images: stock/Twitter/FramVet


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