Great Debate: should the tail docking ban be kept?


We want to hear your thoughts on our latest Great Debate about tail docking…

In October, the Scottish government backtracked on its complete ban of tail docking, accounting new provisions to allow the practice. The revised legislation will make it it legal for vets to dock working puppies deemed to be at risk of injury in the future, like gun dogs.

The Kennel Club, while supporting UK-wide bans on tail docking for aesthetic reasons alone, has welcomed the change as “the right decision” to avoid needless tail injures to working dogs.

Other organisations, like Dogs Trust and the British Veterinary Associations, expressed deep concern for the decision: as docking takes place when the pups are only days old, they argue, it would be difficult to ensure that only dogs who go on to become working dogs will have their tails docked, and they consider docking detrimental to dog welfare.

Should tail docking have remained completely banned?

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