Blind dog finds a forever friend and guide💕


American Eskimo dog Hoshi was 11 years old when he had to have both of his eyes removed due to glaucoma. But it’s ok – without his eyes, Hoshi is no longer in pain, and happily relies on Zen, his very best friend, to get about. Together, they lead normal lives!

Hoshi’s owners adopted Zen, a Pomeranian, after he was found abandoned, alone, filthy, and wandering the streets in a terrible condition. Zen’s tough start has given him health problems of his own; he has ongoing heart problems, and shocking teeth, but is very happy to now have a home. And Hoshi loves having Zen around!

Zen arrived six months before Hoshi’s eye surgery and they were instant friends, and now that Hoshi is blind, their bond is stronger than ever.

Together, the two dogs go swimming and walking, even sometimes sharing a lead for added safety.

You can follow the dogs’ heartwarming adventures on the pair’s Instagram account.


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