Dog vs. postman – think outside the gate✉️


Today marks the start of the Royal Mail’s fourth annual Dog Awareness Week. Its aim: to highlight the upsetting issue of dog attacks on postmen and women, and encourage owners to be more responsible for their pets.

Dog attacks on postmen and woman have reduced by 10% in the last year – but it’s not enough, when you consider an average of seven attacks take place in the UK every single day. And it’s a number that increases over the summer holidays, when dogs are more likely to be unsupervised in the garden and external doors are left open.

TV presenter and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Ambassador Paul O’Grady is backing the campaign again, and said, “Dogs can be quite protective of their owners and homes. They believe they are merely defending their property, but it’s important to recognise that this behaviour can sometimes escalate to dog bite incidents with anyone coming to your home, including postmen. No one should feel unsafe in the workplace and it’s important we as dog owners, take the necessary steps to give postmen this same respect. Encourage good behaviour when someone new visits. Just spending time getting your pets familiar with guests coming to the house will help create a safer environment for all.”

If a postal worker feels threatened, he or she has the right to refuse service to a home. For more information, you can visit and for hints and tips on dog safety.


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