Spaniel found abandoned weighing just 7 kilos makes amazing recovery


A young Cocker Spaniel has made a remarkable recovery since her rescue in January. She was discovered by a concerned individual in Hardwick, Stockton, severely underweight and barely able to stand. She was taken in by the Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council Animal Welfare Service stray dog reception, where she was given the name Thelma.

Upon assessment at Clifton Lodge Vets, it was revealed that Thelma was suffering from severe aenemia and other health issues, including skin conditions and malnourishment. Despite her dire condition, with dedicated care and treatment, she steadily regained her strength and vitality.

Eventually, she was transferred to Dogs Trust Darlington for rehoming, where her true personality continued to blossom. It was there that she caught the eye of Lesley Brown, an employee at Clifton Lodge Vets, who decided to make her a part of her family.

Now known as Flora, she not only has a loving forever family but also two canine companions, Luna the Bull Mastiff and Bruno the crossbreed.

Lesley said, “It was love at first sight for me. When she initially came into the vets, they said she wouldn’t have survived another week which was so upsetting.  I can get quite emotional when she is sitting on my knee, thinking of what she has been through, but she will never be cold or lonely again.  She’s now up to her ideal weight of 13.7kg and her beautiful coat has fully grown back.

“Flora has fitted right into the family and is living her best life. She is such a happy and playful girl; she loves playing tug of war and running around with Luna.  We have a big toy box for the dogs which she is always in picking out toys one by one.  We spoil her but she deserves every second of it.”

Alex Hennessey, Manager at Dogs Trust Darlington Rehoming Centre said, “We are thrilled by how far Flora has come. To see her now, happy, healthy and loved, it’s a tribute to everyone who was involved in her care and her wonderful resilience.”


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