A home for Cruz


Cruz is a very joyful two year old Rottweiler cross German Shepherd. Even after all of his bad luck Cruz is one of the happiest boys we have had in our care. He really doesn’t let any obstacle get in his way. So far since coming into our care late 2022, Cruz has gone through two cruciate operations and surgery to his abdomen caused by a blockage.

He has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and is currently undergoing physiotherapy and hydrotherapy and is almost back to normal health! He really is a walking miracle and has taken it all in his stride and enjoyed the extra tender loving care.

Cruz is naturally a very bouncy boy and being young he is still maturing and finding his paws. Everybody loves him and he is absolutely stunning!! He loves to play and carries his toys around on walks. He is allowed off lead exercise but we do limit this so he is not over exerting himself, causing any further physical damage. He is incredibly smart, enjoying interactive games, slow feeders and agility.

Poor Cruz has not had the greatest start to life was brought into the centre for his own well being when his owner decided he did not want him any longer. Cruz is very strong on lead and does require a sturdy walker who can continue meeting new people and other dogs. Sadly due to his physical conditions his world was isolated for a period of time and this needs to be opened back up gradually.

He can be over excitable with new people and selective around dogs so He is very loving once he knows you and loves travelling so would enjoy accompanying his owner on new adventures.

Cruz would require a slow introduction to being left and has displayed separation anxiety whilst at the centre as well as destructive behaviour. His owner must be willing to put in the time and effort with him to ensure he gets everything he requires as well as a wonderful life.

Cruz has been neutered, is fully vaccinated and up to date with his flea and worm treatments. He lives at Leicester Animal Aid and any vet check-ups and hydrotherapy will be covered by the centre until these sessions are complete. You can see his full profile here.

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