Riches to rags to riches again: Nikita’s story


Nikita is a cream and white Afghan hound who was born in Russia in 2018 from a bloodline of previous championship show dog winners. Her grandfather was one of the world’s most recognised Afghan hounds. Nikita and her brother were imported to their first owners in Italy who trained her to be a show dog. They became famous across Europe for their dog show wins.

Unfortunately disaster struck when Covid quickly ravaged Italy. Nikita’s owners unfortunately pass away leaving Nikita and her brother orphaned. With great sadness, Nikita and her brother were taken to a dog compound for orphaned dogs where conditions are notoriously poor and water isn’t seen as a necessary for the dogs.

The future looked grim for Nikita and her brother but due to Nikita and her brother being known internationally, a miracle was sent in the form of a well known champion dog breeder from the UK who negotiated for their release with the Italian dog compound to have them imported to the UK.

When they arrived in the UK they were in a critical condition, including Nikita’s brother’s tail being broken. Both needed months of rehabilitation and close care to get them back to health. After Nikita was nursed back to health she was offered up for adoption where I saw the advert and immediately got excited. It has always been a life long dream of mine to own a Afghan hound, not to use for shows, but to have a new best friend.

Over 100 people applied to adopted Nikita but for a second time, a miracle struck again when I was chosen to adopt her and give her a forever loving home. I cannot explain how lucky and grateful I feel to have been given this opportunity.

Unbelievably there is a beautiful ending to this story which is very close to my heart. When i looked at her paperwork I discovered that she was born on the same day that a very close friend of mine called Peter died, who was also a very passionate dog lover. In my opinion i feel that Peter has sent Nikita to me.

The most amazing part of all this is that when I talked about Peter, Nikita responded to his name! So in Peter’s memory I now refer to Nikita as ‘Npeter’ and she responds instantly.

Npeter is living her best life now and I am so happy to be sharing this unbelievable story with you.

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