Special home sought for dog-loving Husky cross


A beautiful Husky cross is searching for her forever home after five months in RSPCA care.

Brandy, aged one, is ready to live with a new family after some TLC from Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham, Surrey, following a difficult start to life in a multi-animal household. She came in with her littermates but is the last to be adopted, despite being the most confident of her siblings.

She loves to play with other dogs and would benefit from a new playmate in her new home. Introductions will take place at Millbrook.

Behaviour and Welfare Advisor at RSPCA Millbrook Kate MacNeill says, “Brandy loves people, but will need a few meetings to get to know potential adopters. More importantly, she loves other dogs, so would be a great second dog.”

“She could live with children aged 14 plus. She will need her own secure garden. She will need someone based at home and will need housetraining and car travel training. She has not been in a car much at all so adopters will need to be fairly local. She can be strong on the lead, so needs adopters that can hold her and also give her lots of exercise and mental stimulation as she is very active and extremely bright.

“She would love to do something like agility once she is more settled and more confident. She is a love bug and has a lot of love to give.”

If you could offer Brandy a loving new home, please fill  out an online application form.

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