Dogs looking for a home at Leicester Animal Aid



Meet Nile (main image), a sweet but shy boy who is maturing into an adorable young dog. Nile can find new things overwhelming and prefer a calmer approach to life, taking things step by step. There is a cheeky side in there when he feels at ease, and we hope this will emerge once home and settled. He loves his food, toys and sofa and is about there with his house training.

Nile does get a lot of confidence from another dog and would love to live with one to help him settle in. He is a very clever boy and loves to explore and use his nose, so scent work is a favourite of his. He is still working on getting into the car, passing traffic, and being left on his own. He is opening his social circle week by week and loves a cuddle from his kennel mum. Due to his confidence, Nile would require garden only exercise.

Contact details: Leicester Animal Aid, LE9 3LE 01455 888257


Meet Otter, a sensitive boy who is very loving and loyal once he has built a bond with you. He still thinks he’s a puppy when playing and does get excited very easily! He loves to carry his toys with him as a comfort and does need reassurance from an experienced owner around new people and situations. Otter loves a quiet life where he will be the centre of attention and spoilt rotten. Otter’s confidence has grown since being at the Centre but still needs his world opening at a slow pace. Otter benefits from a routine and positive reinforcement training and loves to learn. He is very wary of people’s intentions and would need an owner who respects this.

Contact details: Leicester Animal Aid, LE9 3LE 01455 888257


Meet Harley! No adventure gets passed him and neither does a cuddle! Play time is his favourite past time, especially when balls are thrown, and Harley loves to carry his lion around on walks. Whether it be a travel companion or a sofa buddy, Harley has it all and loves his walks. He can be quite strong so his owner must be steady on their feet and ensure all doors are locked to prevent Harley going for a potter on his own. Harley is a typical SBT, very friendly and loving, a little worried by the Vet but with encouragement of chicken he is soon best friends.

He wants a new owner who can devote their day to him and be his side kick. He prefers life as the only animal and within adult company so having garden exercise would be fine if the garden is secure and of a reasonable size.
Harley will be on our Veterinary support scheme due to an old injury to his back leg. This means his medication and vet visits will be funded by the centre. Any new owner must be local to us for vet visits.

Contact details: Leicester Animal Aid, LE9 3LE 01455 888257


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