Breeders who starved bulldog puppies banned from keeping animals

bulldog puppies

Stephanie Boyd and Daniel Jordan, residents of Uxbridge Grove, Hull, have been handed a lifetime ban on keeping animals after being found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to six American Bulldog puppies due to malnourishment.

The sentencing took place at Hull Magistrates’ Court on January 5, following their earlier guilty pleas. In addition to the lifetime animal ban, Boyd and Jordan received a suspended four-month prison sentence, valid for 12 months, along with a £400 cost each.

The malnourished puppies.

The RSPCA was alerted when a man brought six severely malnourished puppies to an independent rescue centre on December 28, 2022, claiming they were found abandoned on the streets. Two of the puppies succumbed to their poor health overnight, while the remaining four required immediate veterinary attention.

As media coverage heightened, a concerned member of the public identified Boyd and Jordan as the breeders, prompting RSPCA inspector Claire Mitchell to investigate. Boyd claimed that the puppies were rehomed to an unknown man in early December, but suspicions arose when the man who dropped them at the rescue centre was linked to Jordan’s phone number.

A vet’s assessment revealed the dire condition of the surviving puppies, approximately four months old. The dogs displayed signs of extreme malnutrition, including a hunched posture, curved spines, and visible bones. The vet estimated that the puppies had been suffering for a minimum of two weeks, likely longer, due to inadequate nutrition and limited exercise.

The surviving puppies after recovery.

Despite veterinary efforts, one of the surviving puppies did not recover and had to be euthanased to end its suffering. However, the three other puppies made a full recovery and have found new homes.

Inspector Claire Mitchell commented, “Boyd and Jordan had bred them and then did not give them the proper nutrition and exercise required, resulting in them becoming ill.

“It is sad that three of the puppies did not survive. However, the three surviving puppies went onto new homes and now have new lives.”

Images by RSPCA.


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