Scotland not to introduce XL Bully ban before assessing “relevant evidence”

XL Bully dog XL bullies

Following the government’s decision to add the XL Bully to the list of banned breeds under the Dangerous Dogs Act – a move which was slammed by the Dog Control Coalition – pet owners in England and Wales have a very tight deadline to work out whether their pet is a XL Bully “type”. If so they must register it for exemption – or have it euthanased – by 1 February 2024.

On the other hand, dog owners in Scotland have more room to breathe, as the Scottish government has announced the ban will “not be introduced in Scotland on the timings set for England and Wales”, as the Scottish government will “continue to assess relevant evidence in this area for Scotland”.

In a letter to Lord Benyon, the UK Minister for Biosecurity, Marine and Rural Affairs at Defra, SNP Victims and Community Safety Minister Siobhian Brown wrote that Scottish policy was “for owners to control their dogs whatever the breed may be”.

She added that the current system for dog control in place in Scotland is “a proportionate approach using these important powers where needed and focusing on those owners who have allowed their dogs including XL Bully type dogs to be out of control.”


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