Have you seen missing Darwin?

Missing Darwin

Friday 29 September was the last night of a rare three-week trip to see relatives Maylasia for Sue, from Aldershot, Hampshire. Unfortunately, it was also the beginning of a nightmare as her beloved dog Darwin, who was being looked after by a neighbour, went missing.

A witness saw Darwin get clipped by a car, whose driver did not stop, and then run off. He was then spotted on the Sunday afternoon at Chalk Farm Lake in Aldershot by a retired police Sergeant, and then again shortly afterwards on the A331 nearby – where a number of drivers tried to box him but he escaped into nearby woodland.

Since then, and despite a dedicated search group with over 70 members, there have only been a couple of possible, but not confirmed, sightings of Darwin.

Search group member Catherine Lawrence says, “Even the local butchers have been providing meat for wildlife cameras that have been put up near possibly sighting locations and being a collection point for posters! A large number of the group are either serving or ex-serving police officers.

“Sue’s neighbour has been working tirelessly with anything to assist including her mobile number being everywhere – and she has received some helpful and not so helpful and strange calls and pictures!

“Sue and Emma have been best friends as well as neighbours for years and helping each other out with anything life throws at them including helping with each others ‘fur babies’ or the human kind, as Emma has two boys and both are very upset about Darwin being missing, having grown up with them. They have drawn their own posters to help try to bring him home. Last weekend, Emma ran the great South run with Darwin’s missing poster on her back.”

Darwin has a distinctive black spot on his tongue. If you have seen him, or have any information as to where he might be, please get in touch by calling one of the numbers on his poster, or through his Facebook page. If not, please share his story – so that hopefully the right person sees it and gets in touch.


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