Leicester Animal Aid: dogs looking for homes

Reef is looking for a home

Meet Reef

Reef is a 11-month old-Cane Corso/Presa Canario cross. He can be worried about meeting new people, and within new situations. Sadly, he has not had the best start to life and a lack of socialisation and love has made the world a bit too overwhelming for him. His new owner will need to be kind and understanding, giving him lots of time and reassurance to help build his trust and continue his socialisation.

Reef loves a routine and enjoys his haven of toys and food and the consistency of an owner. He is very clever and has mastered how to open doors just to be with you. He will require his new owner to be flexible and gradually increase the time he can be left, aid him with house training and socialising as well as opening his bubble at his pace with lots of love!

Meet Nora, one happy, joyful girl.

Nora is a 11-month-old Saluki. Very active and eager to please, she loves nothing more than running around, exploring every area, and being cheeky! She is very clever and knows exactly where her food and toys are kept and always has a watchful eye on what you are doing to see if she can join in. Nora loves being nosey and will need to continue her muzzle training and be kept on lead when out. She requires a secure garden where she can run with her toys and have lots of fun! Nora will need additional support with being left, house training and all items must be securely put away.

Banjo here!

Banjo is a 2 year old Lurcher. A young and active boy, still finding his paws with play time being the best thing in the world! Footballs and squeaky toys are so much fun and his head is always in the bushes looking for something to sniff out! He thinks with his stomach but does not like to share his food and does greet you with a play bow and wiggle of his bum.

Banjo will need his new owners to continue ongoing training whilst in and out of the home. They must have experience around food guarding and show kindness and patience towards him. He will need an active home as he does like to be on the go much of the time. Banjo has sadly not had the best start to his young life, so needs reassurance when being left alone.

This is a guest post by Leicester Animal Aid.


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