Ukraine dam disaster animal appeal

Dam disaster in Ukraine

As if life isn’t hard enough for the people and their pets in Ukraine and then the unimaginable happens – the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka Dam. This resulted in devastating flooding, leaving thousands of people and their beloved pets in the midst of an environmental disaster.

Hampshire based charity, DogsnHomes, has launched an urgent appeal on Justgiving to raise funds to help rescue, relocate, feed and provide veterinary care for those dogs and cats affected by this tragedy in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine.

DogsnHomes has an established network of trusted charity partners across Ukraine so they know exactly what’s required.  Over 145 tonnes of aid have been sent since the war began and six tonnes of food has been donated already to rescued pets affected by the dam disaster.  However, the team at DogsnHomes knows the need is so much greater.

Dog being rescued from Kherson region, Ukaraine. Image by DNH-White Angels

Gary Baxter, co-founder of DogsnHomes Rescue, said, “We urgently need to raise funds to get aid to these dogs and cats quickly.  We’re in daily contact with our partners in the area and they are rescuing people’s pets by boat from locked houses and rooftops.

Those animals lucky enough to be rescued are terrified, covered in filthy water containing sewage and motor oil and they’re dehydrated from the heat.  The incredibly brave search teams are now themselves targets and are working whilst being shelled.  It’s utterly terrifying.

Everyone at DogsnHomes is a volunteer so every penny will go to helping the dogs and cats affected by the dam disaster.  If you can donate the cost of say a takeaway coffee to our Justgiving fundraiser appeal we’d be incredibly grateful.”

Donate here.


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