Appeal for information as corpse of skinny bullmastiff found in West Yorkshire [Warning: upsetting image]


The RSPCA has issued an appeal to find the owner of a bullmastiff whose emaciated body was found abandoned in West Yorkshire.

A passerby spotted the bullmastiff lying on waste land at Darrington, near Pontefract, on March 29 and contacted a local neighbourhood warden who went to collect the body. The death is being treated as suspicious and the adult dog – who was of a tan colour and had not been microchipped – may have been left to starve to death.

The animal charity is now investigating and RSPCA inspector Claire Mitchell said: “This dog was completely emaciated and it was a heart-breaking find. The incident was reported to the warden, who went to collect the deceased dog. When she arrived at the scene she was appalled by the condition this animal had been left in.”

the emaciated bullmastiff

“She took some photos and removed the body then contacted me to report it as suspected neglect. Looking at those pictures it would appear that this dog has either starved to death or had an underlying condition that caused it to get into such a poor condition and then pass away.

“It was a horrific discovery and we would like to speak to the owner or anyone who knows where this dog came from.”

Anyone with any information is asked to ring the RSPCA appeals line number on 0300 123 8018.


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