Maya’s new hips: fundraising appeal

Maya needs new hips

Maya came from a “breeder” who has since been reported and was mistreating the puppies. She was the last one and came to us weighing only 4kg, while she should have been around 8-9kg, and had a severe case of worms.

After four days of treatment and lots of love, attention and yummy food/treats she started to get better… fast forward to six months and we noticed issues with her legs. It started by the odd bit of limping then she went for a checkup and was prescribed some painkillers and had to have an X-ray.

Maya went for her X-ray after a lot of suffering for the past month or so and she has a very severe case of hip dysplasia. Two new hips are in urgent need, which she can have at 10-12 months old. Unfortunately, our insurance will not cover it and they have told us it will be £7000 per hip; they also don’t offer a payment plan option.

We are absolutely heartbroken and we are having to consider the unthinkable which is an unbearable thought, even more so considering her age. The condition isn’t life threatening, however, it may come to the decision of Maya’s quality of life. Any donation which could help towards this would be so appreciated and amazing.

You can donate towards Maya’s surgeries here.

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