Stolen dog’s screams caught on CCTV as family hopes for safe return


Bell, a black female Cocker Spaniel, was stolen from a home in Evenwood, County Durham, the night of 6 November. A nearby security camera caught seven-year-old Bell’s screams as she was taken from a kennel in the garden of her owner’s mother-in-law. The family’s other Cocker Spaniel was left behind.

Bell is microchipped, and is described on her DogLost page as having a tiny white mark on her chest area, as well as a scar underneath her fur on her ear, where is connects to her head. Owner Georgia Metcalfe and the rest of the family, including her young children, are desperate to have Bell back. The police is investigating.

Mary Kelly, Labour MP for the City of Durham, commented, “I know how heartbroken the dog owners in my team would be if their beloved pooches were stolen, so I’ve had to share this. Counry Durham residents, please look out for Bell.”

As things stand now, the theft of a dog is legally treated no more seriously than the theft of an object, with a “jaw-dropping” 98% of cases resulting in no charges whatsoever. Of those, a vanishingly small number led to any sort of custodial sentence.

Bell's screams were caught on CCTV

A new crime dubbed ‘dog abduction’, carrying custodial sentences up to five years, was supposed to come into force to make punishment fit the crime. However, this was part of the Kept Animals Bill, which has been in a limbo for just over a year.

A petition calling for the Bill to be finally allowed to complete its passage through Parliament has recently surpasses the 100k signatures mark, and will be debated in Parliament on Monday 5 December.


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