Comparison between extruded dry food and dog food prepared with FSG


The extrusion process which is used by many manufacturers belongs to the most common methods of dog food production. The preparation with FSG provides an alternative. Although both methods are used to produce dry food, they are fundamentally different from each other. Among the main differences, we could name nutrients volume, taste, usability and the impact on dental health. This article presents similarities and differences, between FSG and extrusion method in detail.

FSG and extrusion process in dog food production

Another significant difference is the temperature applied during the dog food production. The extrusion process involves applying high temperature, which further eliminates the flavour and nutrients that are already only slightly present in the meat meal. The lower temperatures used in the preparation with FSG preserve the natural nutrients and flavour of the fresh meat and meat juice, making our dog food particularly healthy and nutritious. In addition, food prepared with FSG does not swell, as is often the case with extruded feed. Emergencies, such as gastric torsion, are less likely to occur without the bloating of food in the dog’s stomach.

Differences in nutrients

Every dog needs a balanced diet, the right quantity and a combination of nutrients, to develop in a healthy and vital way. Only if the food contains everything a dog needs for healthy development, will he live a long and happy life. In the extrusion process, the amount of nutrients is lower than in dog food prepared with FSG. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to use fresh meat in the extrusion process. Fresh meat has a varying portion of meat juice and fats, therefore it is difficult to prepare consistent mass. That is why during extrusion mostly meat meal or dried proteins are used, same as in the production of breakfast cereals. The FSG method applies lower temperature than the extrusion process, which is why the natural nutrients contained in the fresh meat and meat juice are still preserved in the food.

The taste is very different

Fresh meat has its own, characteristic taste, which is loved by all dogs. The preparation method of FSG preserves the intensive flavour of fresh meat, because the cooking technique of reduction concentrates the meat juice contained in the meat. Thereby, the natural flavour aromas in the fresh meat are not destroyed by applying temperature. In addition, the moisture, consisting only of meat juice, ensures that the croquettes are chewy-soft.

High temperatures reduce the taste

The extrusion process is different. During the process, high temperature is applied, which results in destruction of nutrients and flavour. Therefore, in this process, it is necessary to add artificial flavour to the produced dog food. For this reason, some fat is added to the finished croquettes at the end of the production process. This artificial taste is accepted by some dogs, but does not mean that the food is good for the animal.

The digestibility of the different types of dog food

Among other things, the quality of dog food is evidenced by how the individual animal reacts to different foods. It is not advisable to go for heavy and swelling foods. This makes the dog sluggish and lazy after eating. It is similar to the Christmas feast, where the guests have eaten too many carbohydrates and do not want to go for a walk afterwards.

Dog food which is prepared with FSG is adapted to the dog’s organism. The fresh meat and the meat juice make the food taste good, provide all essential nutrients to the body, and the food is light and digestible because the dog’s digestion is designed for meat. This can also be evidenced in the dog poo. When feeding a dog food prepared with FSG, the dog poo usually is smaller, firmer and it does not have such an intense, unpleasant odour.

The importance of dental health

A dog depends on his teeth very much. That is why it is crucial to think about dental health while choosing dog food. Extrusion food has the reputation of being able to prevent or even eliminate calculus in dogs. However, this is a myth because calculus cannot be removed from dogs by intense friction any more than in humans.

Instead, there is an issue that extrusion food contains a lot of carbohydrates. These stimulate the formation of calculus. Therefore, many dog owners deliberately choose dog food prepared with FSG as the number of carbohydrates is more limited. Accordingly, with such a healthy diet, calculus does not form so easily and the animal’s dental health is maintained for longer.

Quality products are in demand

There is dog food in different price categories, produced by a wide range of manufacturers. It is important not to be distracted by intensive and attractive advertisements or appealing design of the dog food. Instead, dog owners should focus on the nutrients, which are declared on the back of the respective packaging. These tell clearly what nutrients are being fed to the dog through the diet, which helps to assess whether the food is healthy.

Dog owners should go for quality products. These are not always recognisable by price. There are branded products that live up to their reputation and those that offer rather average products. Likewise, there are discounted items where good quality can be available at a low price.

It is also important to compare the manufacturers and their working methods in order to exclude dangers such as salmonella or other harmful substances in dog food as far as possible. Dog food prepared with FSG, for example, is regularly tested by the TÜV to ensure it is free from harmful substances. In this process, also the declaration and the stated fresh meat content are checked.


The choice of dog food has a direct impact on animals’ health and vitality. That is why dog owners should invest enough time in choosing the right product. The nutrients contained in the food play a primary role. Dog food prepared with FSG is superior to extruded food in many respects. In particular, digestibility, taste and importance for dental health should be taken into account. In this way, the dogs get the food that is both tasty and healthy for them, and it enables them to live a vital life.

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