Calls for mandatory first aid qualifications for all UK pet professionals

Should professionals be required first aid qualifications

The Safe Pets and People campaign is calling for all of UK’s pet professionals – such as dog walkers, groomers and pet sitters – to be required pet first aid qualifications through mandatory courses. The campaign is led by qualification provider iPET Network, and is backed by the RSPCA, The Groomers Spotlight, and Street Paws

RSPCA head vet Jocelyn Toner said, “We advise that all professional dog walkers should have first aid training and we’d be supportive of any campaign to roll this out to include all individuals who work within the pet industry.

“Simple first aid skills could save a pet’s life or ensure an animal receives immediate care before they’re able to see a vet and we think it’s a wonderful idea that the Safe Pets and People Campaign wants all pet professionals – from groomers to breeders – to have basic first aid training.”

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Sarah Mackay and Fern Gresty, of iPET Network said, “First aid is not an expensive course, and it doesn’t have to be an iPET Network course that you do – we are not saying that and this isn’t about selling our courses or making money.

“We are doing this because time and again we hear stories from our industries where something should have been done sooner, which really isn’t good enough when people place their pets in your care.”

They added, “First aid training doesn’t have to just be for pet professionals too. All dog owners would benefit from the confidence boosting knowledge that knowing what to do in an emergency gives.”


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