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Great Dane Care

Great Dane Care is a small a small registered charity that rescues and rehomes Great Danes. We are based in Carmarthen in Wales, and rely solely on donations from our supporters.

Like many animal charities we have been hit hard by the pandemic with a lot of our funding raised by dog shows and public events, which were all cancelled due to the lockdowns caused by Covid-19.

One of our main incomes came from a local college that paid us generously so that young animal care students could come to our rescue and get on hand experience with large breed dogs and how to care for them which was great for these young people who then moved on to jobs in kennels and veterinary.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, the college no longer visits us so we have lost out on that valuable income. To put it bluntly we have more money going out then we have coming in. Our funds are slowly diminishing, and very soon we will be unable to carry on the essential work we do.

We are on the verge of closing our doors after 23 years of work; we are now running a fundraiser to try and save our beloved charity.

If everyone who we have helped in the past 23 years of running donated £1, we would be set for a long time! So please, any donation you can make will truly make a difference. We hate to ask so much of our valued supporters, but we really do need your help to save our charity.

You can donate to the fundraising for Great Dane Care here.

This is a guest post by Laura Higgins from Great Dane Care. Want to write for us? Visit or email


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