Six ways to keep posties (and dogs) safe

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Our delivery drivers and posties have been working super hard throughout Covid-19, and as we all look for ways to thank them, we thought a special blog looking at how we can protect our posties and delivery drivers would be just the ticket.

As more and more of us turn to internet shopping for all of our needs, wants, and must-haves, the knocks at the front door continue to soar too. While that ring on the doorbell with yet another parcel may make our endorphins rush with excitement, that very same sound can also get our dog’s adrenaline rushing and their tails in a spin.

When someone arrives at the door, some dogs are incredibly excited, some bark up a storm, and some dogs charge the door wishing to see off that repeated intruder invading their territory with packages, parcels, and letters!

Whichever emotion your dog feels when a visitor arrives at the front door, there are some simple steps you can take to protect posties and delivery people from your dog.

How many postal workers are bitten by dogs?

On average, there are seven posties bitten everyday in the UK. If you include all the other delivery drivers such as DPD, Amazon, Hermes, and your food shop deliveries, those statistics are likely to be much, much higher.

The best solution is to take preventative measures, allowing everyone to relax a little and enjoy those special arrivals!

Let’s look at six simple steps you can take to protect your postie and keep your pup happy too.

  1.     Have a stash of treats at the ready

There is nothing better than helping your dog to associate events, which may make them nervous, with something positive. If you keep a nice little jar of delicious goodies near the front door, then you can make every delivery a happy event for your pup.

  1.     Install a letterbox cage

A letterbox cage not only protects your posties fingers, but it also keeps your letters in one piece. If your dog shreds up mail, then this is a great answer, and your postie will be just as grateful as you are!

  1.     Make sure your garden is secure

If your dog spends time in your front or back garden unattended, then it’s worth regularly checking that the area is still secure. If your pup is particularly keen on greeting visitors, then the arrival of a delivery could be just the trigger to encourage their escape!

  1.     Install an external letterbox

If the ring of the doorbell stresses your dog, then installing an outside letterbox is a great way to lessen the number of callers to your door. Of course, not all of your deliveries can be left here, but a reduction in instances will be positive for your dog.

  1.     Consider a smart doorbell

Smart or video doorbells connect to your phone and alert you when someone approaches your front door. For many dogs, the sound of the traditional doorbell invokes a bit of a barking frenzy, so having the notification go to your phone instead can prevent that initial flurry of energy and gives you a chance to toss those treats.

  1.     Install a Dog-G8

Our Dog-G8 is a brilliant solution that allows you to safely open the front door to take deliveries, with no concerns that your dog can escape. Acting as a safety barrier, our Dog-G8 offers excellent peace of mind to you and your postie or delivery driver while keeping your dog safely indoors!

Even if your dog is completely nonplussed by your visitors’ comings and goings, implementing some of these protection measures can go a long way to giving comfort to the people arriving at your door. And extra security for you and your dog can only be a positive thing.

Dog and posties

What happens if my dog bites someone?

In 2014 the Dangerous Dogs Act was amended to extend prosecutions for dogs being deemed dangerously out of control to include incidents on private property. Since this change in the law, if your dog bites or seriously injures someone on your property, you could be imprisoned for up to five years. Even if a dog does not bite, but an individual feels threatened or scared that they may do so, the law still applies.

Prevention is better than cure

At Dog-G8, we’re passionate about dog welfare and the safety of our dogs. Whether you share your home with a fluffy Pom or a majestic Golden Retriever, our Dog-G8 can help to keep your pup and your postie safe.

A big thumbs up from all of us at Dog-G8 to our posties and delivery drivers for everything they do for us all. Thank you!

This is a guest post by Julie Maxted from Dog-G8. Want to write for us? Visit or email


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