Appeal for information as Chihuahua cross found dead in hutch in Lancashire [Warning: upsetting images]

Chihuahua body found in hutch

The RSPCA is appealing for any information that may help with the investigation into the death of a female Chihuahua cross whose body was found inside a small wooden hutch in Henry Street, Accrington, Lancashire.

A member of the public found the hutch at lunchtime on Sunday 14 February, and discovered the Chihuahua’s body inside. They immediately contacted the RSPCA, who began to investigate.

Inspector Vicki McDonald, who is investigating the case, said, “We were contacted after a woman found a small wooden hutch or pet shelter dumped at the dead-end of a road when she was passing.

“She went to look inside by lifting the lid and, sadly, found the body of a small dog inside so contacted us.”

Inspector McDonald added, “The dog is a small adult female Chihuahua cross with scruffy, brown-coloured fur. She was found inside the box which was lined with bedding and material. The box was tied up with white string.”

Earlier this month the RSPCA had to appeal for information concerning the body of a puppy found amongst rubbish with cropped ears and a broken neck – but this time, the dog’s cause of death is unknown.

“There are no clear signs of injury or an obvious cause of death and she appears to be in good body condition and general health,” McDonald added. 

With no information to go on, McDonald is appealing for help from anyone who may have seen or heard anything when the hutch was left on the road, and for anyone who may recognise the dog to step forward.

“We’d like to hear from anyone who recognises this little dog, suspects they may know where she’s come from or who is responsible for leaving her here, or anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the area on Sunday morning or even overnight the previous day,” McDonald said. 

“If you can help with our investigation please call our appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for me.”

Images by RSPCA.


  1. Who the Hell puts a collar, that size, on a tiny dog. She probably froze to death, if she was left outside, even in the kennel. RIP little one.

  2. Chihuahua’s cant hold body heat in any kind of cold weather. Its been below – 12 at night so she probably froze to death poor girl

  3. It looks like a pretty new hutch,someone must know who they sold one to recently,and the blankets look reasonably clean.Although it looks like the dog may have been scrabbling to get out,as there are loose bits of shredded blanket.How could someone do this to their pet,if it is their pet.

  4. I guess type of people who keep dogs outside tend to move around a lot say no more rip poor dog whoever you are karma is coming for you!


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