Help Basil get his new legs


Everybody meet Basil, our beautiful Saint Berdoodle. He has angular limb deformity, and we need £9,000 to fix him…

We need your help to save Basil, before it’s too late. We’re facing a giant vet bill due to his condition, and we have a time limit! If he doesn’t have this surgery we could face losing him as early as 18 months old to pain due to arthritis and lameness caused by this condition.

Angular limb deformity is when two bones don’t grow at the same rate, and in Basil’s case it’s his radius and ulna, causing the bones to twist and bend – which causes him to walk bow legged, pain, and occasional lameness.

We got Basil after falling in love with him at 6 weeks old. We were looking for a companion after losing our dog, Buddy at 5 years old in May 2020, to osteosarcoma. We couldn’t cope with the house being so quiet without a big daft dog running around.

He’s a gentle giant, weighing in at 37kg at 9.5 months old, he’s got the most hilarious expressions and despite his young age. Everyone says he looks like a little old man with his wire style beard, and bushy eyebrows! He’s definitely got a naughty streak, so don’t let his marble eyes trick you!

We had hoped his first operation of an ulnar osteotomy, which he had in September, would’ve helped more than it did, although not all was lost. But we used our full year’s insurance policy on this operation, so we’re facing the full bill of his surgery, which is an eye-watering amount.

Due to complexity of the surgery, and the speciality of it, we’re facing a bill of £9,000 to fix him, and time is of the essence! We cannot wait, he needs this done whilst his skeleton isn’t at full maturity which is between 10-12 months.

We are not prepared to let him go downhill, we need to help him to improve his life. New legs to Basil would mean he can run around in the nature reserve with all his best friends.

In a fight or flight approach, I started a Go Fund Me page and TikTok account, hoping to potentially get the ‘cute’ factor! It did work, we’ve got over 20.5K followers in just one month and so many of our amazing donations have come from our TikTok followers!

Our pleasure is to get outside, and walk, and enjoy where we live and we can’t do that at the moment, which is why we love having dogs so much. A lot of people have said to us ‘can’t you just see how he gets on?’

My answer is always, no. I am determined to get Basil new legs that he so desperately needs. If you can help, please donate here.

This is a guest post by Emmie Barton. Want to write for us? Visit or email


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