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Hopper came into our lives in May this year when he was 10 weeks old. He was the result of accidental breeding of two merle dogs, and inheriting double merle genes meant that Hopper is both completely deaf and blind.

He was also born with a deformity on his right hind leg. He can bear weight on it occasionally but often ‘hops’ on his left. When Hopper arrived in our care we took him for an assessment at our vets.

X-rays then show that Hopper has:
– a twisted tibula and fibula
– an angular deformity,
– eight toes including one that is under his skin
– a patella that is not developing correctly.

Our vet suggested an amputation from the hip. However amputation would be incredibly challenging for Hopper, as without sight and hearing his balance would be challenged further and his left leg, although not deformed, has some issues with the knee which would only be put under further stress if the other leg is amputated.

We requested a second opinion from an orthopaedic vet and found there is hope for Hopper. He would require both a CT scan and two costly operations, but this could potentially render his leg usable and give him quality of life which he may not have with an amputation.

The ideal time for his surgery to be performed would be when he is six months old. Hopper is currently 4 months old. The CT and surgery without any rehabilitation costs included will be £7,000! Hopper has recently started hydrotherapy to prepare him for his surgery.

Hopper is our world. From the minute we met him he changed our lives forever. He is a happy, playful little pup like most other puppies. He has responded to touch training well, enjoys his short walks and copes well with support to being deaf and blind. Most of all, he loves cuddling up with shoes he shouldn’t have and a blanket.

To help Hopper, visit his fundraising page.

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