Drug dealers send sympathy letter to police after death of drug detection dog

drug dog

When drug detection dog Rocky died suddenly due to GDV (Gastric Dilation-Volvulus), commonly known as bloat, the police force in Thiene, a small town in Northern Italy, were grief-stricken. Many expressed their sympathies – including the very people Rocky was meant to help hunt down.

On the morning of 19 November, shortly after Rocky’s death, a message was found by the police station’s parking lot – with a small amount of drugs in it as ‘proof’ of its authenticity.

“We may be criminals, dealers, delinquents, but we have feelings too,” the letter read. “Dogs have no fault, and we are sorry for what happened. Maybe you thought we’d pop a bottle, but it wasn’t so. Bye agents, happy hunt. Bye, Rocky.”


  1. there are very few people who hate dogs! Sadly we humans put animals in harm’s way for our own safety & wellbeing! They love us so much they will do almost anything to please us! That is one reason this type of news makes us all feel sad no matter what our profession!

    If only humans were half as good/loyal and loving as your average dog we would all be better off!

    Rest well sweet pup!

    • We put dogs in needless harms way because some of us can’t seem to live their lives without harassing and attempting to control others, even if it’s a war that can never be won and causing consequences that are much worse than the drugs themselves (I can speak from experience—10+ years IV heroin use and I’m still paying taxes, bathing, working, enjoying life, etc.)


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