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If your dog is having trouble with itchy, gunged-up ears that you can’t seem to clean, we’ve developed a guaranteed solution in EarSolv – a revolutionary ear cleaner that will clear out the wax and any dog ear mites to get rid of that horrible smell! EarSolv is a powder, which will dry and ensure the ear is cleaned gently, with no irritation to your four-legged friend. We’re so con dent that you and your dog will love EarSolv, we offer a 100% no-quibble guarantee! We’ll also post it first class!
07715 299865

Nutri-Pets Canine Calming
Fireworks can be terrifying for our household pets, especially dogs. Fireworks start at the beginning of November and last right through to New Year. Nutri-Pets Canine Calming is a specially formulated blend of natural ingredients known to help your dog maintain a calm, peaceful mind and mood, reducing anxiety and stress for you and your pet. Also helps with socialising, hyperactivity and excessive aggression. Canine Calming is £19.99 for up to a three-month supply.
Special offer! Use code Calm20 to get 20% off!

Looking for an effective non-drowsy natural calming aid for your dog? maxxicalm calming aid from maxxipaws contains totally natural, safe ingredients that support balanced behaviour and promote calmness and positive mood without causing drowsiness. maxxicalm helps anxious and fearful dogs relax and cope better with stressful situations such as separation anxiety, fear of strangers or dogs, reworks and loud noises.
maxxicalm comes with a free behaviour guide (eBook), containing practical advice to help owners work with their dogs alongside the calming aid to help get better long lasting results. maxxicalm is formulated for results… and it’s tasty too.

Is your dog anxious, excitable or fearful of loud noises such as reworks? VetSpec has the answer, with VetSpec Calm and Focused Formula, a cereal-and grain-free super premium dog food with 60% chicken and added vegetables and herbs, plus veterinary-specification supplements.
VetSpec Calm & Focused Formula is ideal for dogs that get anxious and over-excitable, or suffer from separation anxiety or fear of loud noises. Its formulation includes tryptophan, prebiotics and magnesium together with biotin and other associated nutrients to greatly improve the coat and promote a supple skin. 2kg (£13.94) and 12kg (£49.94)
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Want a headcollar that is comfortable to wear and does not ride up or go near the eyes? The award-winning Dogmatic Headcollar stops dogs pulling on the lead and is the six-times winner of ‘product you can’t live without’ as voted by dog owners in a recent poll. Recommended and endorsed by behaviourists, trainers, vets, rescues and breeders worldwide.
Dogmatic offers the widest range of dog headcollars in leather and padded, cushioned webbing, all with matching collars and specialised leads/training leads to t all sizes. Visit the website for customer testimonials.
01952 245330

Henry Williams Design
Create the perfect place for your dog to snuggle down and relax with this stylish Kerfed bed. Award-winning craftsman Henry Williams specialises in the art of steam-bending English timber to create fascinating shapes. Each bed has a sturdy plywood base that is raised up off the floor to allow air to circulate underneath.
Finishing the timber with a hard- wax oil provides a combination of longevity and practicality along with stylish design. The bed comes in two sizes with a bespoke option available. The website is filled with incredible craftsmanship to spruce up your home!
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