Great Debate: Should Boris Johnson have got a puppy?


Dog rescuers and campaigners for Lucy’s Law were delighted when Number 10 welcomed its first dog in a while – a Jack Russell puppy called Dilyn, who was rescued after being dumped by a puppy farmer due to his misaligned jaw. Little Dilyn quickly won the hearts of the nation, and became a symbol of the cruelty of puppy farming.

Some, however, are unconvinced about Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’ decision to welcome a puppy at this time. In order to settle in well in their new home, puppies need guidance, attention, and a lot of time with their owners to bond with them – all things vital to grow into a well-adjusted, confident dog. As arguably the nation’s busiest man, they say, Boris Johnson is unable to provide that.

Others believe that certainly the Prime Minister and his partner wouldn’t lack help and means to look after Dilyn, and that there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to adopt a puppy. Many people who work full time have dogs, they argue, and it can work out just fine. 

What do you think – should Boris Johnson have got a puppy, rescue or otherwise, at this time? Tell us your opinion here, in the Facebook thread below, or write to

Take part to our Great Debate!Everyone was delighted to see a rescue dog at Number 10 – but some wonder if, as…

Posted by Dogs Today Magazine on Tuesday, 8 October 2019


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